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Grading, Scraping, & Raking

The implements in this section are for working dirt, gravel, and other materials.   Box blades are good for leveling a road or spreading loose material, blades let you cut a ditch, and with a rake you can clean up.


Land Pride BB12 Series Box Blades

The Land Pride BB12 Series Box Scrapers are ideal for ripping, leveling, finish grading, and back-filling applications at feedlots, outdoor arenas, building sites, and maintenance operations on farm and ranch lanes or roadways See product Information Sheet here.

Competitor Box Blade

Modern Competitor Series Box Blades

This Modern box blade is priced for budget conscious shoppers.  It has 2 reversible cutting edges, replaceable scarifier teeth, and is available in 4, 5, &6′ widths for use up to 28hp 2 wheel drive and 20hp 4 wheel drive tractors See  product Information Sheet here.

Straight Blade

Modern Straight Blades

Straight blades are available in many different widths for any size tractor.  The blade can be angled from one side to the other, and some models also feature tilt up and down for cutting a trench or ditch.  Most of these implements are adjusted manually, but there are some hydraulic models which require a single rear remote to operate.  See the full line of Modern blades at this See product Information Sheet here.

LR Series Rake

Land Pride LR36 Series Landscape Rakes

The LR36 Landscape Rakes are perfectly suited for landscapers and home owners with applications for housing construction, road reconditioning, run-off control projects, and reforestation sites.  This model is rated for 30-80 hp tractors, and their are lighter duty models available for smaller tractors See product Information Sheet here.

Land Pride Double Grader Blades

The Land Pride GS15 Series Grading Scrapers have uses in applications such as landscaping, small farms and ranches, hunting camps, large estates, small acreages, and sod farms. The GS15 is extra user-friendly and a low cost alternative for road grading applications. Simply setting a properly adjusted GS15 Series Grading Scraper on the ground and driving forward enables the operator to grade off high spots and fill in ruts See product Information Sheet here.